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Our website is truly revolutionary in that it is the very first company of its kind to provide both the product, as well as the installation service of that product, for sale via online purchase agreement. Therefore we consider our online agreement to be firm and binding.

Initial Deposit (Upon Order)

We ask for a good faith deposit in the amount of ten percent of the total sale price. This is substantially less than the industry standard. In any event, the deposit is non-refundable. Upon receipt of electronic payment of the deposit, it is our company policy to contact our customers within forty eight hours to schedule a material check list to prepare for the installation of your new home improvement. At the time of the material check list, a representative of our company will re-measure and evaluate all materials to complete the project. In addition, on that same date and time, our representative will schedule an installation date that is convenient for the customer.

Payment of Balance (Upon Delivery & Installation)

Upon the installation date or dates, the customer will realize complete installation of the products ordered via our online system. Once satisfactory completion of all products has take place, the customer is responsible for paying the balance due in full for the completed project. Upon receipt of payment in full, our company will provide all warranty and service agreements. For further questions regarding our delivery policy, please call 1-888-HIRE WOW.