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Garage Doors of Cleveland was created to revolutionize the way homeowners buy garage doors. Our proprietary system will help you select the right style, size and color for your home. You can even see a graphical preview of what your home will look like with the new garage doors installed. You can then purchase your garage door online and our factory installers will come to your home to replace your old garage door. This Home Improvement project will be ordered, installed and warranted by one of the country’s leading manufacturers of garage doors.

About The Factory
Our factory raises the bar by which other garage doors are compared. Their innovation has resulted in a collection of doors that are designed and engineered to provide beauty, performance, ease of operation, virtually no maintenance and increased energy-efficiency. All of the factory doors are made from heavy, galvanized, draw-quality steel for a longer life and durability.  They produce the highest quality of doors by integrating first-class quality materials with the ultimate designs and workmanship while maintaining a strong focus on the user’s satisfaction.  Our factory gives you a wide range of options for garage doors that will fit your home's uniqueness and help you maintain your investment for years to come. Best of all, our garage doors will compliment and enhance any type of architectural style, whether it’s traditional or contemporary. With this, it’s clear why our factory is “the door to quality.”

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