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Non-Refundable Deposits

The initial good faith deposit that is given upon placing your order is non-refundable. This deposit is equal to ten percent of the total purchase price and is given at the time of ordering. This deposit may have been submitted via our secure online payments portal or was taken over the phone by one of our customer service representatives. In any instance this amount is non-refundable

Balance Payments

The remaining balance is to be paid after the product or products that were ordered are installed in manner deemed as satisfactory by the purchaser. Due to the nature of our product we do not allow for returns and/or refunds. The purchaser is to pay the balance due immediately after approving the product installation and deeming it satisfactory.

Warranty and Product Guarantees

In lieu of refunds and returns, Garage Doors of Cleveland offers it’s clients a Life of Home Warranty to insure the replacement and or repair of any defective merchandise. Please see our Life Of The Home Warranty for questions related to long-term service and guarantees